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Daddy’s Girl

when daddy’s not working…

daddy jokesdaddy loves fateha
see the happy couple???

the three of us went to Chinatown Point for lunch. whaaat?? that’s too far from our home. we were visiting someone who gave my little darling two HUGE packs of her daily needs. or should i say, hourly needs 🙂

since the mommy and the daddy were having maximum starvation, any place that served food became our target. the mommy plead to the daddy that her taste buds were asking for japanese dishes, Ramen Ten. but the only japanese restaurant available was not halal.

we ended up eating at the mommy’s favourite outlet. shhhhh! can’t tell ya. :-p




i’ll continue just a bit more about my little darling.

mommy with fateha in nicu 


fateha’s EDD was supposed to be on April 16, 08. she was born January 9, 08. so that made her 3 months premature. this picture was taken March 24, as stated on the picture itself. she was on nasal catheter here, that’s the oxygen support.

praise be to Allah, for His help, fateha was able to breathe on her own 3 weeks after she started using the nasal prongs. here are her breathing progress:

– first 5 days of life: respirator (for severe lungs immaturity)
– next 2.5 months: bubble CPap
– next 3 weeks: nasal catheter
– next 1.5 week: breathing independently
– HOME!!!!

you go, girl!!! 😉


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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