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Hair-Raising Moments

it has been 5 months since Fateha was born. and that’s how long i’ve been waiting to see her hair grow. but to my dismay, it’s growing at a s.l..o…..w rate. and being such an impatient mom, i decided to do this on my own. i “grew” hair on her.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
which suits her face? 

are you going to guess which one i’d love to see on her? it’s the Afro. 😛 i just find it so cute! dontcha? with that big hair and her chunky cheeks. i love this!! but of course, i’ll let nature do the work, which will be billion times more cuter and of course, natural.


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7 thoughts on “Hair-Raising Moments

  1. I like the one in the middle. Those little braids are so cute. What a sweet little baby and a strong little thing. I read the story about her birth. I would love to draw her sometime.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll!

  2. hey there, thanx for visiting my blog. i guess she’ll look good in any hairdo. 🙂
    wow, are you sure about drawing her? please let me know and see if you really do. i would love that idea. thanx!

  3. Definitely the afro! My little sister didn’t have ANY hair till she was almost 2. Now, she has the most beautiful, thick, manageable hair of anyone I know. Patience…

  4. Hahah thanx Karen. of course i will wait and have more patience 🙂
    it was more of having a little fun of creating “hair” for my girl. thanx for dropping by!

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