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Hobbies…Which One?

frankly speaking, i have tonnes of hobbies. every single one of them are my favourite. but the problem is, i don’t have the time to do them and even if i have, i would just pick one, do something about it and that’s it. after that, i’d just chuck them into a corner and leave them till they collect dust before i start thinking of doing it all over again.

maybe there are people like me. we get to our hobbies only once in 12 months. and start again from scratch. being “away” for that long makes me lost my magical touch. i’d be staggering and stuttering and does a lot of pausing and pondering while at it. which in the end makes me feel like a failure.

there is nothing that got me going on doing continously, at least once in 3 days or a week. for instance, i love painting and sketching. i would paint and sketch when i was a teen. had always been proud of my work back then and even now…sometimes.

another hobby that i love doing is writing short stories. all in Malay. i have tried writing them in English but they just sounded stupid. i laughed like a hyena at how i put the words together and how the characters doing what they were written. and i always get stuck in the middle. i’d never finish writing any of my English stories.

yet another hobby would be henna drawing. this one only came to my interest in 2001. back then, my cousin was the inspiration cos she was good at drawing henna on brides’ hands and feet. she encouraged me to try and i found it to be good. i was even invited to a community dinner where the neighbourhood residents got to meet the ministers of parliament and all those VIPs. i was asked to set up a booth so residents could get their hands painted with henna. by me 🙂 . i liked it but then out of the blue, the interest just faded away. i couldn’t make out the reason behind this.

well, what the heck. i think i’ll just do when i wanna do. whether it takes me years to start again. even the little one gave me thumbs up for trying.

PhotobucketDWUW!!! Do What U Want, Mommy. You’ll be great.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Hobbies…Which One?

  1. I’m the same way always putting off my hobbies or things I’d like to do. You should post some of your sketches, would love to see them.

    I like writing little stories too, wish I could read Malay, I’ve always been interested in different languages/cultures but have only ever learned a word here and a word there. I see blogs written in beautiful foreign text all the time and wish I could read them.

    Cute picture with the thumbs up!

    Take Care

  2. yea kirst, i love learning foreign language too. i guess we’re the same in some ways huh 🙂

    i’ll post some sketches soon. check’em out!

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