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i’m spinning around

i found a new amusement every morning these days.

i made mommy and daddy’s eyebrows shoot up to the roof. i would like to show you how their faces looked like but it’s impossible to do it here. they were really shocked to see me when they woke up in the morning. ok, i lied. they weren’t really shocked. they were just a little bit shocked. what did i do?

from this  @ 2 July, 10:10pm…

to this! @ 3 July, 6:28am

yes!!! i did a 180 degree spin while sleeping. and i almost did a 360. that would be my greatest achievement in sleeping positions 😀 and i’ll add that to my progress list.

and i overheard granny telling mommy not to let me sleep on my bed. afraid that i might fall and hurt myself. but mommy has already covered the entire floor in my bedroom with the some spongey kinda mats. you know, those kinds with the letters of the alphabets. so i’m pretty sure it should be safe for me, in case i fall off the bed.

i love my bed. really.

~~Love, Fateha 😦 ~~


Just someone who has first hand experiences in paranormal activities

2 thoughts on “i’m spinning around

  1. Fateha you are super cute, congratulations on your 180 degree turn, will be routing for you to make the 360.

    Take Care
    Kirst & Meggers

    PS We love your bed blanket!

  2. thankz aunt kirsty and sister meggers.
    i’m truly honoured by your support for my achievement. i almost did a 360 wonders this morning and mom had to pick me up!

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