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of onions and goggles

i guess i would be an embarrassment. call myself a woman. and a wife for that matter of fact. why? i can’t seem to conquer the fear of chopping up onions without shielding my eyes. yes, i’m still. before i was married and much younger, i would cringe and grunt each time my mom ordered me to chop onions. and i told myself, no onions in my cooking after i got married. and boy, was i wrong? 😉

i would cry buckets of tears while doing the do. that’s just so horrible. but i think i’m lucky that the husband has his work goggles parked in our cabinet. since he’s not using ’em anymore, i guess they will be my protector now.


i like to cook, of course. i have been cooking…ermm not for long but long enough for me. and all of those times, most of my dishes required onions. i tried all means to avoid “crying”. from cutting them in running water (but that’s a crime, for wasting water), looking elsewhere while chopping (that would end me in chopping my own fingers) to closing the eyes (would do the same). i am not sure if the following hint will work:

to chew a gum while cutting.

i saw that in some freaky fact book. haven’t try that yet cos where in the whole of this tiny, sunny singapore island am i gonna get a gum? it hasn’t been around for decades. well unless some dude smuggles them from the other side. and for some apparent reason, going to the other side is really a chore. with that endless congestion at both sides that would get me stuck for blardy 3 hours (yes, been there!) just to get a gum for my stupid onion chopping?? oh puh-lease! give me other things.

so that goggles will stay. on me. for those times when i need them. i know the elder women of the tribe will be laughing hysterically by the time they read this. or they’ll go “tsk tsk tsk tsk”. i know.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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