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not as great and funny?

just came back from my 1st PAP smear test. i was feeling jittery and nervous while walking towards the clinic. was wondering what the doctor would be doing to me down there. you know, anything with regards to scraping, poking, inserting or digging down there, could give me chills down the spine. yea. weird huh? nowadays, many things can happen. inside down there. so…yea, the chills.

once i got home, parked the stroller, got myself changed, changed baby, prepared milk, feed baby, put baby down and had my brunch. then when i turned to look at baby, she was smiling πŸ™‚ awwwww. that was the sweetest smile. but she wasn’t smiling at me. she was staring into space. could be that she saw some angels.

then i remembered that Hubby made her chuckle last night and she was so cute. all he needed to do was just making funny facial expressions, with no sound. i thought that i could do just that. it’s easy, y’know.

so baby was still staring into space but not smiling anymore. maybe the angels were making way for me. and my face went crooked to the left and right, rolling my eyes and even did the Bewitched nose twitch. baby was staring blankly at my face. fine. i could do more of ’em.

did more of that nose twitching, pursing and curling my lips, even made that “farting” sound πŸ˜› LOL! i did more than i could imagine and of course, more than what Hubby did last night. and nothing came out of that tiny, pouty lips. baby was still staring blankly at me. she had the “what are you trying to do mom?” kinda expression.

after 10 minutes, i gave up. i shoved the pacifier into her mouth, the bolster against her body and crossed her legs around it and left her alone. and she fell asleep.

😦 gosh i didn’t know i wasn’t interesting at all. my baby doesn’t respond much to me. and it’s flipping me off. really! this is sad. really sad. she laughs at my Hubby and she even laughs at my brother last week when he came to visit. yea, he didn’t have to do much. all he did was conversing with her, asking, “You want to go out with me, Fateha?”

and there, she went chuckling away. what’s up with that??? i think she has seen too much of me. i have been in her face for 3 months. she’s bored to death.

hopefully that will change once i get kicked back into the workforce next month. i wanna see her smiling at me more than ever and laugh at my silly face and all.

i’m going to nurse my heartache 😦 i’m off!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “not as great and funny?

  1. Awww I’m sure she’ll come around! She’s not having seizures anymore right? Meghan’s used to sometimes start with a blank stare. I’m sure Fateha knows who mommy is.

    Take Care

    PS No more posts with Kitties, you’ve scarred me for life. That woman should be tortured for what she did appauling.

  2. oohh yea she finally let out a yelp or something when i was making faces haha. it was so good. nope, no more seizures so far. crossing my fingers they won’t happen again.

    p/s: oh that was to tell the world, kirst. didn’t mean to gross you out but that lady is ought to be tortured.

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