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Lucky Number 7

i was about to update what i went through during my comeback to work these days. then i realised i was tagged again. by Kirsty from My Life For The World To See. thanx kirst! and here goes 7 weird and things about myself.

1. i dig nose. and i like it very much! i can dig ’em all day long till they get very sore and still get the same size of juicy gooey. eeeeewwwwww!

2. i also dig ears. but not my own. my hubby’s and baby’s. i simply can’t stand dirty and wet ears. i’ll dig ’em deep and get those unsightly overdue “honey” out of their ears. as for mine, they are pretty well taken care of cos i dig ’em everyday.

3. i talk to myself. i can spend 15 minutes in front of a mirror just to talk and sing. 🙂 ooohhh i also talk to myself on the phone, like what Samantha Who does. please don’t ask me why. cos i have no idea.

4. i watch p**n. yea. sometimes. urgh.

5. i like to rub my top hand on my nose and top lip. it’s still a mystery to me cos i can’t fathom the whole rubbing thing. all i know is, i told my mom once when i was little, cos she asked why i kept doing that, i like the warmness of my hand against my nose and top lip.

6. i cut the straps/buckles on my shoes if they break so that they look like slip-ons.

7. i procrastinate till it’s the eve of the deadline.

there! i’ve said them all.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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