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Procrastinate…No More!

okay, was just telling myself not to procrastinate. but i guess it’s already my flesh and blood and nothing can stop it from happening. tonnes of things i wish to update here. been wanting to do that for days but i couldn’t seem to be able to get these fingers busy. so while they’re in the mood, i shall not waste anymore time!! 🙂


it was baby’s first ever trip to Geylang. we had been planning for weeks to go there before Ramadhan comes. we hate the crowd, the heat, the humidity and the polluted air (from many sources: armpit smell, sweat, smoke from the satay, ayam percik, dendeng stalls, carbon monoxide from the traffic etc) so before we get cramped up under thousand armpits, we headed to Geylang a month before Ramadhan.
this year’s Eidul Fitri, mom has decided not to sew us new clothings. she claims that she wants to retire but i managed to somehow get her to make one tiny costume for Fateha. it’s not easy to get baju kurung of her size. we bought a green chiffon fabric for the little girl. and it’s expensive. i almost felt the pain in the purse but luckily, Hubby was there to rescue me from being broke. LOL.


once shopping was done, with much lesser crowd, we headed to Geylang Market to have some munching actions. but looking at the state our pockets were in, we only opted for sweetcorn drinks and some banana fritters. call that for ikat perot. or tightening the stomach, for direct translation. 🙂 same goes to mom and my younger brother. dad, however, couldn’t care less with the inflation. he ordered a plate of chappati, an indian dish, and to top it all, he ordered 3 boxes of nasi ayam penyek or Flattened Chicken Rice, for direct translation. 🙂 the sight of those delicacies made my tummy rumbled. but Hubby would be furious should i spend some more moolahs. cos we were already running low. 😦


i wanna congratulate two of my bestfriends who got engaged and tied the knot both in this month, Mar and Fyda. Mar was engaged to be married on Aug 2. i brought mom, Hubby and Fateha along to the event. me and 3 other bestfriends (there are 5 of us) were very happy for Mar, who finally settling down after many years of waiting. your patience finally paid off, Mar. 


while Fyda chose unique dates to get hitched – Aug 8 was her solemnization and Aug 9 was her wedding reception. as you know, 08.08.08 marked the start of Beijing Olympic and 09.08.08 was Singapore’s 43rd Independence Day.
she looked so much like a Bollywood princess on her wedding dais. the deco was nice, with red, white and black theme. Fyda had her studio photoshoot pictures plastered at the entrance of her reception tentage and next to her wedding dais. i couldn’t stay till the end, on both days. i have a baby, remember? and all those pantang larangs from the elders that somehow i needed to follow. “not to be loitering outdoors with baby by dusk”, “cover baby’s face when walking under trees upon going home at night” and the list goes on. tsk! anyways, congrats again girlfriends!!!!


and lastly, i would like to end this entry by sharing something that i think is cute. it was on my 4th day at work. tasks were delegated to the children and most of them were happily doing them, independently. that was good, i guess. i didn’t have to explain things to them time and again. so while the kids were busy “working”, i decided to check out the ones in Manipulative Centre.

one of the boys, J, was playing with the manipulative toys but not the way he supposed to play it. so i asked him, “J, could you explain to me what exactly you are doing with these?”
“i’m typing on my laptop,” said J, who didn’t turn to look at me as he was busy “working” on his “laptop”, of what supposed to be Bear Counters and Patterns, you know for them to use in Math. 🙂

i was left speechless right after that. sometimes, i wonder if i should let children continue imagining things while playing or to intervene and stop them, redirecting them back to their supposed task. children are mere children. their attention span is short, they can concerntrate for barely 5-10 minutes. so i would let them complete their task for as long as they can and they are allowed to pretend play when they are done. it’s hard for Singaporean kids to enjoy their childhood. when every parent is pushing and drilling their kids in academics studies. it’s hard for me to say cos i’m a parent myself. a Singaporean parent to be exact. and Singaporeans should be able to relate to what i’m talking about.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

3 thoughts on “Procrastinate…No More!

  1. I love the pictures! Glad to see you back in the blogasphere I was beginning to wonder where you went. So are you back to work? Fateha is getting so much bigger and beautiful.

  2. lol…yea i’m back to blogging. well, i’ll try to. since i’m back to work, i have been so busy and tired. 🙂 anyway, thanx for coming back to my humble blog. love to read your comments.

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