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A Trip To The Hospital

i’m a little special i guess. most other babies that i know have their checkups at local, neighbourhood clinics. and once in several months. but for me, i visit Dr. Lee at National University Hospital (NUH) every month. i heard that mommy and daddy want only Dr. Lee to see me. so this month’s visit was a happy one 🙂


Dr. Lee kept pointing this light into my eyes. i followed well but after a few seconds i turned away. it was too bright! he asked mommy what have i been able to do now on my own. i wish i could tell him, that i can walk. but that’s far from the truth. mommy told him i can laugh and “talk” and that i have become a noisy baby. i thought that was not good. being noisy, that is. but Dr. Lee said it’s perfectly normal. considering the fact that i am a premature baby and had IVH in the brain, Dr. Lee explained that my communication skills did not seem to be a problem for me. mommy and daddy looked so relieved! 🙂


then Dr. Lee told mommy to place me on the examination table. my top was unbutton so Dr. Lee could put this long black thing on my chest. oww! it was cold. i wonder what he was doing. he kept moving that thing from left to right, up and down. was he playing with me? but i swear i didn’t feel excited. at all.


he did so many things to my tiny body. i got scared okay! and once he was done, he asked mommy to button me up. that doctor! he stripped me and yet mommy had to do the buttoning. anyway, he did some jiggly and wiggly thing on my health book. i think that’s what people call as writing. he showed mommy what he had written.

Assessment at 3 months to 4 months

Weight : 5.47kg
Length: 59cm
Head Circumference: 40cm

the one thing that was the most important for me was when Dr. Lee mentioned that i was perfectly normal. my growth, as a premature baby, has been on par with other normal babies at about my age. not too thin, not too fat. i was just right. hey! that sounds like the story mommy read to me, you know where there were 3 bears who lived in the forest. and a little girl who went into their house, eating the porridge, sitting on the chairs and sleeping on the beds. do you know that story? mommy tells me that story all the time. i hope she’ll change to a new ones.

at the end of it all, i guess the trip to the hospital wasn’t so bad. especially if it’s about meeting Dr. Lee. and can i tell ya, i’m such a happy baby??? yes i am 🙂


~~ Love, Fateha 😛 ~~


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3 thoughts on “A Trip To The Hospital

  1. Awww lovely to see your doing so well Fateha! You’d think those doctors would warm their stethascopes before they start proding you with them.
    You are definitely growing and getting more and more beautiful, try not to make to much fuss so mum and dad can get some rest okay.

    take Care
    Kirst & Meggers

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