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After The Honeymoon

i’m just super pissed!!!!

first of all, i’m back from my 2nd honeymoon trip from port dickson. i’m quite tired and my head is super packed with migraines. so got myself a 2 days MC. thankz doctor wong. unpacking the bags is still not in my to-do list yet. i’ll do it when i wanna do it.

second of all, i wanna talk about my super pissed self. how can i not be pissed???? i had so much fun and it was the most enjoyable trip i had. and the camera memory card just had to die on me. still on the road, exiting negri sembilan, i snapped the “last pic” and then the camera went blinking. “Card Setup – Format Card Press Ok” flashing at me angrily. Hubz did many things to get it recovered. but his mission was a putile one.

third of all, Hubz pushed the memory card into the card reader this morning and the laptop flashed the “format card” prompt again. that was very very frustrating. cos it means that all my 50+ pictures of honeymoon are poofed. just like that. including other important pics. like the caregivers pictures. and my work! i wanna bang my head on the wall!!!

HOW CAN I NOT BE PISSED?????????????

anyway, to take away all the pain of losing those pictures, i used another card and took some “after-honeymoon” pictures. not of me and Hubz. but of this little bug of mine.





bought a ladybug suit for her when we made a stopover in malacca, at mahkota parade shopping centre. it made me soft and jellied when i saw that piece. thought of getting a pikachu for her but i like the bug more.


and since her other pillow+bolster set has been given away to the babysitter, i didn’t give much thinking when i saw patrick starfish p+b set. could be because patrick looks like her. or she looks like him. hahah.


i missed her badly during the trip. no no she didn’t tag along. no babies allowed for my honeymoon. anyways, she had already “followed” me during my 1st honeymoon. she “made” me throw up and nauseous and turned the trip into a sour and unenjoyable one. but really, i missed her for 3 days.

there has been a plan to go to thailand next year. dontch care. i WILL bring her. get her vaccinated first. definitely!

and to bring extra extra memory card. should another one choose to die on my holiday.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “After The Honeymoon

  1. Awwww sorry about the photos I hope you find a way to recover them. It’s good you got away for a few days and I’m glad that you had a great time.

    Love the Lady Bug outfit, Fateha looks extremely cute in it. You need to frame those pics.


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