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A Blessed Ramadhan!

the month of holy ramadhan has just begun. if there are any fellow muslim readers reading this, i would like to take this opportunity to wish you a much Mubarak Ramadhan! hoping this year we’ll get all the blessings we could get, for Allah to grant our wishes, make us even healthier and stronger, facing all the life’s
challenges bravely and of cos, to have our fast accepted by Him.


and so today, marked my second Ramadhan as a wife, first Ramadhan as a mother and first Ramadhan
fasting alone with my own family. without my parents 😦 and if you’re wondering why i’m sad, it’s
because i have to wake up very early before dawn to prepare the food for me and Hubby,
all by myself. when i was so used to be getting up a little bit later to an already wide spread table,
without having to prepare anything. all done by mother.


now i know how she felt all those years. she must have been tired. definitely. for 26 years doing so
without a complain that came out from her. except that she once told me, “wait till you become a wife
and a mother. you will know how it feels.”


and this morning, Hubby had to tease me. “hahah, now you have to prepare everything
by yourself. no more mother!” he sure made me feel sad. but that’s ok. i’m a brave little woman.
i know what to do. and i know what i have to face. and so be it. i’ll face all these with calmness
and with Allah in mind all times. that should do it 🙂


and Fateha has been a wonderful babyy these days. i’ve been getting her to practice sleeping alone, about
half an hour before we tuck in, and she didn’t show any signs of distress. only once in a while we’d hear her grumbling and that was calling me to help her back onto the pillow or to shove the pacifier into her mouth.
once that’s all done, she’d be back into the slumberland in no time. as though there’s something great happening in there, that she couldn’t wait any longer LOL.


 she’ll be going for her Physiotherapy with Mr Fauzan and monthly check up with Dr. Lee in 2 days time.
i hope i’ll hear more good news on her health and probably the same goes to her Erb’s Palsy.
right now i am seeing her righty has been a little more active and often play together with
her lefty. i am also hoping that she doesn’t need any surgery to “repair” her arm and nerves. but if
the doctor calls for it and if it’s for the better, we’ll do it.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

4 thoughts on “A Blessed Ramadhan!

  1. Awwww sounds like your mum prepared you well and has every confidence in your ability to do for your family what she did for hers.
    I don’t know what the proper way to say it? so… I’ll say Happy Ramhadan! I’ll be honest and say I don’t know a lot about it (maybe you could do a post on what it’s all about?)
    Good Luck with Fateha’s Doctor appt.s and keep us posted on her progress.


  2. hehe i don’t think she prepared me physically, you know like getting me to help around. she did all those verbal warnings about what i would be doing as a wife and a mother hehehe.

    thanx for the wish. it’s good enough. ramadhan should be a happy occasion 🙂

    ok i’ll be writing a post about it soon, thanx kirst!

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