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it all began with a little gag. i was attending a course last saturday when Hubz sms-ed me saying Fateha was gagging a lot. i told him it was normal for her.


then upon reaching home, Hubz told me she had vomitted twice and was running a fever. temperature checked immediately – 38.8 deg. WOAAAHH!!! so i gave her panadol syrup in a syringe, slapped her forehead with fever patch and put her to sleep. about an hour later, she was okay. back to her noisy self.


we packed our stuffs to a sleepover at Mom’s and waited for brother to fetch us. then when we were in the car, Fateha started gagging again. luckily a plastic bag was seen somewhere hidden in the car. pulled it out and tied it around Fateha and there she went puking.


once we reached Mom’s, the little girl’s body was catching the heat again. luckily my parents were around to help me out. they sponged her hot body, and told me that Fateha had phlegm. so they rubbed some balm on her chest. from that moment, Fateha had been very cranky. i was so helpless.


after breaking fast, we decided to head down to any nearby clinic. alas, none was open! we went back upstairs and sighed a mighty sigh. my heart was beating fast, afraid of something worst that could happen to Fateha. gave her the last dose of milk before i turned in with her.


we were rudely awaken by Fateha’s continuos eerie gagging. it sounded like the whole throat could come out! it was 12 midnight. i woke Hubz up and we decided to send her to NUH. told Mom and Dad, they agreed to send us there.


off to Children’s A & E. the nurses put her on Nabs and O2, and got an XRay of her chest. they discovered that Fateha had acute bronchiolitis. the XRay results – her left lung was not clear, covered with lots of phlegm. Fateha got admitted and i was told to stay with her for the days that she’d be staying.


paedtricians adviced to give her Nabs 4 hourly. when i asked what was that for, they said to clear her breathing passage and to relieve her wheezing. sounds asthmatic right? i was devastated. my child has asthma??? this couldn’t be.


on the next night of the admission, i saw one of her NICU doctors and approached her. she was surprised to see me there and we talked for a bit before she went up to Fateha’s cot to see her. i asked her about the wheezing. she just told me not to worry cos it didn’t mean that Fateha could be asthmatic. it could due to her falling sick and phlegm in her airway that got her wheezing.


still, i wasn’t satisfied. but it was nice of her to visit Fateha and wished us all the best and for Fateha to get back to the pinkest of health. i prayed for that too. hoping for this to be the only wheezing episode in her lifetime.


and after 5 rounds of doctors visit,  and once by med students, Fateha’s condition was improving. no more fever but was still gagging. paeds checked her lungs and told me that the phlegm had cleared. alhamdulillah. but then, why was she still gagging? paeds kept saying there could be some leftovers in her throat and it could dissolve by itself. it’s only a matter of time.


blardy hell! couldn’t they do something??? yes, they gave her a yellow liquid ‘phlegm medication’ twice a day. i was thinking of them to suck it all out to end her misery right there and then. nope, they won’t do it. there was another type of med that was much stronger; could dissolve the phlegm faster, but it was not meant for infants and toddlers.


*shakes head*


though Fateha has already been discharged yesterday, i still know that there’s phlegm in her somewhere. she still gags. i hope there’s something that i could do. like sucking it or pat her back harder to get her puke it out.




i have to get her 4 hourly puff ready. gotta scoot. tata!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Hospitalised

  1. Wow! Glad Fateha is doing better. Could the gagging be reflux too? Meggers suffered terribly with it her first year of life. Hopefully, your out of the woods.


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