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It’s A Scrap!

i probably didn’t mention about this. i am very into scrapbooking.

let’s trackback ~ long ago when i was much younger, i would buy a thick notebook, scribbled words and pasted pictures, and smacked some glitters on them. i even made some small cut-outs like buttons and icons. i did a lot of them and only to discover about a year later that there was something on the internet such as blogs. LOL.

but that didn’t stop my hands at doing some original “crafts”. i liked notebooks so much that i bought them for nothing. perhaps, wasting money was my “hobby” back then. no wonder my bank account is still running low. LOL. ok. so i used these books for scribbling nonsense and pasting pictures and all sorts. it gave a very strong sentimental feeling to me. only to find out that my mom did a spring cleaning to the house and accidentally threw away that book. she thought it was a junk. well, i couldn’t blame her, could i? cos it really looked like a piece of junk. LOL. but i was hysterical at the loss of my favourite notebook. since the book was gone, i decided to stop doing it anymore.

then, 2 years ago, i have discovered scrapbooking. i “accidentally” entered this scrapbook shop in a mall, and OMG! the power and vibes of scrapbooking possessed me like a zombie. my eyes were widened and my hands ran through all the products. i just couldn’t believe that there was such a thing called scrapbook! LOL. ok so the universe was trying to get me back into my hobby of pasting scraps and scribblings. but when i looked at the price tags, i almost fainted. i didn’t know such things were very costly. so the price had hindered me from getting back onto the platform.

then this year, after giving birth, i found a website about scrapbooking classes. i begged Hubby to allow me to attend just one class, for starters. after much pleading, he finally let me join the club. so i guess the rest is history, right?

here are two of my scrapbook projects. i cheated a little though. i didn’t use cardstock. i will buy some in the future 🙂

Photobucketthis is a project about my honeymoon trip to Genting Highlands. my VERY virgin holiday with Hubby. 🙂

Photobucketthis one is about wearing my favourite wedding dress, on our wedding reception 🙂

i’ll update more soon, once the recent projects are done. please check them out!


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