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Six Things You Might Not Know About Me…

got tagged again by Kirsty from My Life For The World To See. it’s about six things you might not know about me. even if you don’t wanna know. LOL! come on, just read it okay? and here they are…

1. i’m allergic to seafood. but i don’t give a heck of them allergies. i’ll just eat them anyway. especially CRABS! god knows how much i love them hehe. but Hubby will try every ways to remind me not to eat them. cos he can’t stand the sight of me scratching away. anyway, he’s allergic to seafood too. LOL!

2. i’m still bad at peeling and cutting onions. i hate them very much cos they bring tears to my eyes. i really don’t understand why such important veg in dishes needs to be a pain in the…eye. 😛 even wearing goggles doesn’t do any better.

3. i will get very upset and defensive when other people/parents compare Fateha, a pre-term baby, to their term babies. i know my daughter is still not turning on to her tummy. i know that she still needs to work on her neck control. she is trying her very best to lift up her head, okay, each time i put her on her tummy. whenever someone does the comparison, i’ll sulk and nag at Hubby. but he kept reminding me that Fateha is a pre-term. let nature take its course. but i’m eager and impatient!

4. i’ll waste money by buying shoes. not just any shoes but wrong shoes. i’ll usually buy on instance, i don’t bother to check if they fit nicely on my huge feet or they’re made of comfy material. i’ll start to regret once i obtained terrible blisters. and mind you, the blisters are not just a few red spots or sores. the skin would tear and bleed. i’m such a goon!

5. i have to admit this that i’m a very strict teacher. yes i am. i’ll make sure the kids comply to the classroom rules that they have created in the beginning of the year and etc. but when i’m not teaching, i’d be a chickened person. i don’t dare to create trouble, i don’t dare to kick up a fuss. even when someone did something wrong, for example a cashier gives me the wrong change but is quick to realise her mistake, i’d just smile at her. and not say a word. not even in my heart. split personality? hmmm.

6. i’m the only person in the circle of my best friends who’s crazy about blogging. one of my closest friends said she doesn’t know what to write or even comment. she’s only a reader. for me, i’ll even think about what to blog about when i’m turning in or in the shower. or sometimes while cooking. i’ll snap photos of this and that and plan to blog it (but 80% of it are not done LOL).

there you have it! all the 6 things you may or may not wanna know about me. but you just read it right? so now you know LOL. anyway, i think this time around, i shall tag 6 bloggers. i hope you’ll do it, yea? it’s not my fault you know. do your search on who started this tag hehehe. and here they are:

1. John @ Birtch Baby
2. Sis Hana
3. Nasehr
4. Ginny @ Praying to Darwin
5. Soshanna
6. Wendy Made It

and thanx to Kirsty for awarding this award to me!! yay!! my very first award.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

3 thoughts on “Six Things You Might Not Know About Me…

  1. Very Cool! Don’t let Fateha’s delays get you down. I used to get upset at the same stuff, but your husband is right she will make the gains. You can always get her set up with a Physical Therapist to help give her a boost too.

    You know what’s crazy? I’m not allergic to seafood but ever since my sister had a really bad allergic reaction I don’t eat it. talk about a split

    I envy that you can spend on lots of shoes even if they give ya blisters. I have size 12 feet and reasonably priced shoes in my size are hard to come

    Great post

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