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Depression Mode

yes you read the title. i’m very very depressed. but this feeling will only occur when i see the progression of other babies. *sigh*

it’s very sad when you know your child is lagging and lacking in some developmental areas. although you are so equipped with the knowledge that a preemie baby will never be the same as a term baby. you know the setbacks. there are more downs than ups especially during their first two years. yet you still feel depress.

fateha’s actual age has already reached 9 months 2 weeks, whereas her corrected age is only 6 months 1 week. of course, she’s not like 9 months. she has the size of the latter age but my dad told me her development does not match those at 6 months. more like 4 months. how is that not depressing?

cos fateha is still not turning onto her tummy. i have to push and roll her over. her neck control is still weak. she doesn’t open her mouth when i spoonfeed her with cereal. she prefers the bottle. a friend of mne whose baby is younger than fateha has successfully feed from a spoon. hearing and learning all these really depress me.

*sinks face into pillow*


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One thought on “Depression Mode

  1. sayang..dont feel depress by this ok..i da dgr byk cerita yg budak pre term actually da besar jadi org yg bijak n berguna…they are exceptionally special yg org lain tak de…unique in positive way…i have a pre term fren who is a teacher graduated frm local Uni n so gorgeous…ur daughter will definitely be like that or even better insyaAllah…

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