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Born To Read, Read to Bond

at school today, there were brochures from the National Library to be given out to the kids. it is another reading campaign the library will be organising. there are gifts to be given away and not forgetting, FREE GIFTS! now that’s what i like 🙂 the minute i finished reading the brochure, i text-ed Hubby to bring us to the library right after work. he gasped! haha.


and since the registration for citizens is FREE too ( 🙂 ) i decided to make Fateha a member of the National Library Board. i was so elated when we received her card so instantly! we were told to register straight from the kiosk machine. and after we’ve punched all the necessary information and particulars (into the machine), it had to prompt us by saying it couldn’t finish the printing the card as it ran out of ink. duh! we had to go back to the counter to get the card.

i guess the maximum characters to be printed on the card (including spaces) is 29. and Fateha’s full name (including spaces) has 30. so daddy had to sacrificed the last letter of his name, which is “i”. 😛 but even with the vowel sound went missing, in Arabic it still means the same. phew!

so what free gifts did we get?

dsc01078 dsc010881


i have started writing in the journal!!! and to show Singaporeans’ kaisuism (not wanting to lose out, wants everything, especially FREE stuffs), the minute we got hold of Fateha’s newborn library card, we went to the top floor to borrow 4 books. although we could pick 8, i thought Hubby should not be tortured, since he would be carrying everything while i carried Fateha.

dsc01090 dsc010911 dsc01092 dsc01093

these are the 4 books i’ve picked to read to her. the last book, What Do You Love?, captured my motherly heart. looking at how cute the pup is, hugging it’s mother. *teary* i have read another version of The Noisy Farm, which was more simpler. we got this book too, My Muslim Year. thought it would be a good exposure to Fateha. and the silly book, The Lion Who Ate Everything. i think i will bring this book to school, to read to the kids during our sharing time. i have one pupil who eats a lot. LOL!

and for now, let’s guess when i will start reading these books. i didn’t even bother to look at the due date. gosh!!!

  1. November 9, 2008 at 12:23 am

    We love the library! I bet Fateha will love the books you got her. Welcome to the world of reading Fateha. :o)


  2. 19thmayflower
    November 11, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    thanx Kirst. i tell ya, it’s my first time entering the kids’ section. it’s sooooo exciting for me LOL

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