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First Zoo Trip

it was Fateha’s 1st visit ever. she was all quiet when we were there. not sure if she was mesmerised or feeling sleepy and snuggly cos it was raining. hehee.

mommy, daddy, fateha cute otters beautiful white tiger hamadryas baboons' entrance daddy in some hut
aunty sabrina, granny ida, mommy and fateha mommy taking photo of the baboons fateha in the baby sling walking in elephants haven the elephants are sand bathing
daddy and fateha fateha fateha is watching the show fateha with grandpa at the amphitheatre spider monkey swinging orang utan peelig a coconut the tribal!

not much picture were taken because of the wet weather. and furthermore, we had to rush off to a wedding. gaah!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

4 thoughts on “First Zoo Trip

  1. yea kirst, the rain was quite heavy but after a while it “slowed” down on us. lucky! hehe… Fateha loves to be in the sling. once out, she’ll scream her lungs out! LOL

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