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taking charge

mommy is down with some serious plague these days. she claims that she needs to lie down on the bed or resting on the sofa with her eyes closed. i can’t totally fathom and absorb all these that has been happening to mommy because my needs are still met. she still feeds me punctually, changes my diapers religiously and talks to me every now and then. but she is still not “moving” the way she used to.

and i have come to realise that very recently the plague has gotten worse. she prefers to leave me alone for a while. she just chucked me one side, either in the view of the television (ooohh i love it and my fave show is The Batman) or leaving me under the baby gym. here’s one proof.


finally, mommy admitted to me. that she is suffering from pure L.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S. tsk tsk tsk. i wish that mommy will recover soon. anyway, i will take charge of this blog for the time being. till mommy is back to her active self again.

and i love my Bumbo Seat. lucky for me that mommy’s plague doesn’t stop her from pampering me with good stuff for my development. thanx mommy πŸ™‚

pb280352i’m loving this

~ Love, Fateha πŸ™‚ ~


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