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soldier girl

before i go on telling you about my little soldier girl, i have to clear my name that she had mentioned about in her previous two entries. i didn’t know my 7 month old baby is so good at typing. geeeee. i am not LAZY anymore. well, i was never like that. it’s the holiday season for me. so before the new school year begins, i HAVE to take full advantage of it all. true?

some people (or is it just me) are asking if Fateha has started to crawl. evidently, she has not. but she has made her first roll over though. i was the one who got excited. text-ed Hubby, he was glad and thank God for the help and strength He has given Fateha. amin.

in the living room pc0304162 pc0304173

and today, just after i fed her, i left her on the floor near her gym and went back to the laptop to do some work. well, if you regard blogging as work. so she was there for about only 10 minutes and i saw her inching away like a soldier on his back. OMG! i was laughing so hard when i saw what she did. so i picked up my camera, went up to her, pull her back onto her placemat and got the video rolling.  🙂



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