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meetups for eatups

it has been so long since i saw my best friends last. and yesterday evening, we met up at coffee bean for a drink or two and to yak our heart out. i missed them. very much. but the girls were hungry for food so we hunted for another place to eat and chitchat.

fateha and godmothers

it was so good to have them around again. sometimes i feel like i don’t get enough of them. they’re just the best. oh by the way, these are only 2 of my 4 best friends: Mar and Maza. the other 2: Ogy and Fyda, couldn’t make it for the meet up.

and later that night, Hubby came to fetch us and he was nice enough to send Mar and Maza home. then, we’re off to somewhere peace and quiet, off Sembawang Road, for a private dinner. well, only Hubby was eating. i had my fill earlier with the girls already. i just couldn’t have anything else shoved into my stomach.

mommy and baby


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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