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All The Small Things

i’m reminiscing the times when Fateha was in NICU. she had all those things that no normal babies had. all those stuffs that are specially made for preemies with some conditions. especially for micro preemies or extremely premature babies. and Fateha was born at 26 weeks, imagine those many machines that have helped her.

  • she went through a lot of ultrasound scans of her brain. she had a few seizures on her 2nd day that resulted a bleeding in her brain. she had a stage 2 of intraventricular haemorrhage. the condition improved after a month.
  • 3 hourly of physiotherapy on her right arm. she has Erb’s Palsy, due Breech birth and severe pulling of her right arm as her head stuck in the birth canal that resulted with ruptured nerves.
  • she also had ROP in her eyes. retinopathy of prematurity, where the veins in the eyes grew abnormal due to the premature birth, but the condition improved by her 3rd month in NICU.
  • and of course, Chronic Lungs Disease

and here are the things that she once used in her NICU.


her splint was moulded for her so that her wrist would not droop. since she had Erb’s, the nerves and bones were not moving much. it was a relief that her wrist has improved so much. she put that splint on every 3 hours, for 4 months.


and who can forget this cutesy little preemie pacifier. i didn’t even know there are such things around. LOL. the nurse manager said that Fateha has started her sucking reflex, so she gave the pacifier for Fateha to improve her sucking and to make her ready for bottle feeding. and suck she did but for only 3 times and then out it went.


when Fateha was big enough to be fed through a bottle, the nurses extubated her and tried to bottlefeed with 40ml of breastmilk. the first few attempts were terrible. she choked a few times and had to be intubated again. this went on and on and on. until we gave up and fed up, and told the nurses it was about time that Fateha should learn to drink from a bottle.

so they taught me how i should feed her and told me to look out for her colour. they also taught me what to do in case she turned blue. this went on for about 3-4 weeks until i assured the doctors and nurses that i was confident enough to bring her home. and she drank from that bottle till she hit 100ml. and we replaced it with an Avent bottle.

and now she drinks a hefty 6oz (180ml) of milk plus semi-solids. this little girl is growing!!! her paediatrician told us not to force her drink so much. he said just to give her 120ml but this girl just wants more haha. who cares. so we gave her 60ml more.

and we were told that Fateha might not be able to survive long after the birth. but look at her now 🙂 we believe in God, and leave it to Him to do His wonders.



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6 thoughts on “All The Small Things

  1. Hmm…i believe that Allah knows what’s happening..and maybe your cute little baby can’t wait to be with her parents 🙂
    because she knew how much love will be given by both of you guys 🙂
    have a nice day!

  2. It’s amazing how strong they are, I still have a few of Meggers things from the NICU too. We have little fighters with more strength in their iddy biddy pinkies than most men.


  3. I kept Kellars pacis, blood pressure cuffs and diapers. There were other things I would have loved to have kept or gotten to keep as memories but didn’t. Does she still have to wear the splint on her hand? My lil one is still coughing, as a mom I guess it’s our instinct to go w/our gut feeling yet still 2nd guess if it’s right or not..

  4. hey, i didn’t get to keep the BP cuffs. you’re so lucky, i like those things cos they’re so cute! oh now Fateha doesn’t need to put on that splint. she has outgrown that one anyway LOL. her hand doesn’t droop anymore so she’s ok without it.

    i just hope that Kellar will be better soon.

  5. kapalterbangkertas – yea, i believe in Allah too. it’s all written by Him and i’ve accepted everything with open heart. i know it was for the best, ada hikmah disebalik ini sumer.

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