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bad poopping day

this morning, after feeding Fateha, i sent her to her own room for some private play time. i placed her under her gym (i know, i should’ve put the gym in front of her and get her to practice her tummy time) cos i had to sweep the floor. wasn’t it contradicting that at this era, where the vacuum cleaner has much power to clean up the house, i still prefer the broom. tsk tsk tsk. i guess i’m behind time 😦

so sweeping motion began. the porch – cleared. the dining room – halfway cleared. the balcony – cleared. the living room – cleared. in front of the common bathroom – cleared. master bedroom – cleared. then as i make a pass to her room, i heard her scream at the top of her lungs. i thought she was startled because of something that she saw so i let her be for a while. then Hubby came along and i got him to help me change her diaper. but her screeching cries didn’t subside. i went in to check.

i loosened her diaper and there it was, in front of my eyes, was the “head” of a very hard poop, stucked. my heart crumbled as Fateha was still screaming in pain. she tried pushing with all her might but it just did not budge. i pulled up her legs and pressed her tummy but to no avail. (suddenly the memories of me giving birth to her appeared in my head. traumatic!) then i saw what seemed to be a tear on her skin, around the edges where the “head” was.

Hubby came in with 10ml of gripe water, got her to drink it all up like all good girls, and i kept spreading her ****, to help it out. tried as hard as i can, it still wouldn’t bugde. both Hubby and i got so worried we didn’t know what to do. then after a few minutes, he remembered the bullet Dr Wong gave to us when Fateha had her first constipation. Hubby took it out from the fridge, cut it into half and it was i, who had to do the dirty job.

i cleaned that area first. i had to (this may sound gross) “peel” the “head” out first before i could insert the bullet in her ****. by this time, Fateha had stop crying. thank goodness. i took a really deep breath and slid that thing into her and kept telling her that she was a strong girl, mommy’s big, strong girl. if she could pull through her traumatic birth, this was just a peanut.

and yes it was, just after a mere minute, Fateha began screaming. i knew that she was gonna poop big time. she gave a few big pushes but only managed to release a bit. that was ok, i thought, since that made her cries stop. Hubby said to wait till the next feed and hoped she’d do the deed. with a nice consistency, of course.


and in the afternoon, she pooped really good. phew! life was back to normal 🙂


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