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Dating Game

if i hide myself in here, mommy won't know i'm following
if i hide myself in here, mommy won't know i'm following

Hubby invited me to watch a movie last weekend. because he stumbled upon 2 pair of tickets which validity end in 31 dec. so thanks to the tickets for getting us to date…again. it has been a looooong time. yes.

so since it was a free movie for 2, we had to leave the little girl with my in-laws. we headed to Bugis Junction and booked 2 tickets for “Bedtime Stories” at a much later time. 2 hours before that, we went for a budget shopping spree. finally bought that battery-operated truck for Fateha. we didn’t choose a girly toy because not many of those could move like a monkey or jump or twirl and make funny noise and sounds. we wanted her to play with that truck so that she could be focused on it as it does its noisy thangs.

it felt so good to feel like “girlfriend-boyfriend” again. HAHA! anyway, i really enjoyed watching Adam Sandler’s funny antics. his movies were all good. except for “Meet The Zohan”. i didn’t understand that flick. we headed straight to the in-laws’, ate our dinner and packed up for home.

and Hubby said, we shouldn’t leave Fateha too often. well, that was our first date together after so long. i guess, no more dates coming up 😦


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3 thoughts on “Dating Game

  1. oh yea, she’s pretty comfy with both her paternal and maternal grandmas. so with whoever she was to put up to, she’ll be ok 🙂

    oh the new header was taken last July, during my anniversary photoshoot 🙂

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