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Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! wow it’s 2009 already. that is fast!!! haha. i didn’t have enough of last night. here’s what we did.

mommy and daddy brought me out yesterday. daddy had to send the car to the car shop so that he could accessorise our Toyota Axio. hmmm men, what else? haha. hey i didn’t exactly say that. i heard it from mommy cos she was on the phone with someone and said that line. cos we had to wait! LOL.

ok, then we headed out to have our really late lunch at The Banquet. mommy had her all-time favourite: Yong Tau Foo with soup only. daddy had Chicken Rice. he didn’t like it. LOL. we window-shopped at Causeway Point shopping mall and i got quite a headache, with all the crowd passing by me.

mommy had a sudden urge to eat ice-cream but she just wanted a good and cheap one. so she got herself the McDonalds’ Vanilla Ice Cream Cone for $0.70 cents. daddy didn’t want any cos he was having stomach upset. so being a good mommy that she was, the ice-cream was shared between the two.

i thought we were going back home right after that but daddy drove on all the way to Upper Changi to attend the Metro Expo Sale held at Singapore Expo Hall. wow, it was my first time being there and there were many many many people carrying yellow bags and walking around looking for so many things to buy. mommy got that bag too. i thought it was a gift but no. it was for her to stuff all the things she wanted to get and just handed them over to the checkout counter. oohh!

mommy bought about 6 items. oh no, i won’t tell ya what she has gotten. it’s something that i need too, when i grow up. it’s a girl thing. boys don’t know that 😛

here’s my first new year picture. do you like it? i think mommy and daddy love it, cos they can’t stop laughing and giggling when i was adorning the retro sunglasses. Happy New Year everybody!



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