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Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin…

finally!!! my little baby girl is rolling on her tummy. she could roll to her right. i have not seen left rolling but Hubby said he saw her doing it once. i’m not expecting much for her to roll to her left. since she has Erb’s Palsy, her right arm is not strong enough to “pull” her body. she’s doing everything with her left hand.

but i’m just so elated because my dream to see her roll on her tummy has finally come true. what more can i ask for, huh, when my baby has improved in her development. now i can show her off whenever we have visitors or when we go over to my gram’s every sunday. LOL.

there’s just one slight glitch. even though she’s already doing it, she is unable to pull her right hand out to support her neck control and lift her body up. so the scenario is, when she has rolled over, her right hand get stucked underneath her chest and the left hand profusely waving about. as though she’s trying to get it out. poor thing ūüė¶

well, that’s one thing. another is, she couldn’t stop rolling over! hahah. Hubby said she’s just showing off. everytime we put her down on her back, she starts to roll. even when i put her to sleep. and sleeping time now is really a hassle with this little bub. she would do it again and again.

now that’s worrying. cos i’m just so scared¬†if she rolls over at night but too sleepy to hold her head up and drops her face on the pillow. i’ve heard about this Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and it’s really scary. Hubby is as worried too as i am. we would¬†check her out¬†every few minutes/hour just to make sure she’s¬†sleeping on her back. ¬†i just hope that Fateha knows what to do.



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2 thoughts on “Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin…

  1. OMG, yea that’s what we’re looking for, crawling and walking and then running and errrr….all that..

    my mother has warned me about that haha…it’ll be me chasing after her

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