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Birthday BooBoo!

Fateha’s 1st actual birthday was on Friday, 9 January. i know, i’m late in updating.


cute thing is she shares the same birth date as her paternal grandfather. woohoooo! double celebrations! we ordered Dora The Explorer cupcakes for her but Hubby was utterly disappointed with the outcome. it wasn’t as nice as the samples we were shown. we didn’t really mind if Dora’s face wasn’t as exact as the character itself but there was something worst about the cupcakes.

we asked if it was okay if they could make 20 Dora faces and 20 Boots. they said “yes, no problem”. and when we told them we wanted the cakes to be chocolate, they said, “sure.” so, what really went wrong with Fateha’s first birthday cupcakes??

(1) the cupcakes were all Dora. no sign of Boots hiding anywhere.

(2) the cake wasn’t chocolate. it was vanilla with bits of nuts.

(3) instead of 40 cupcakes in total, we were given 38. 2 less because the lady’s little daughter had eaten ’em.

although they decreased the price for the lost cupcakes, i was still as pissed! but i didn’t want anything to dampen my mood in celebrating my daughter’s very first birthday. i drowned myself in the voices of my cousins and relatives, screaming and yelling to grab hold Fateha.

p11100992 p11100942

the greatest of all was to see Fateha’s gaping mouth trying to grab a bite out of her ugly supposedly cute cupcakes. we tried to make her do that a few more times so that we could get a picture of it LOL! poor little girl.

anyway, happy birthday my angel. we’ll celebrate one more time come 16 April, your corrected birthday 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Birthday BooBoo!

  1. Oooo I would’ve been pissed too and probably would’ve make her do it over. A first birthday’s special and nuts are super dangerous for a one year old. Anyway, I’m glad Fateha had a good first birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY FATEHA!!!!


  2. till today, my husband just keeps on saying how disappointed he is. sigh, he’s more emotional that i am. LOL. yea i know about the nuts, it’s NUTS isn’t it? we didn’t let her eat the cakes. just allowed her to lick the jelly 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Fateha!!!!!! She’s so cute! Love that little mouth trying to bite that cupcake. So precious…

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