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Good…Or Not?

recently, i brought Fateha to the hospital for her monthly evaluation. and her paediatric requested to see her once every 2 months, which i thought would be the best idea so that the changes in her development would be more obvious. and to save my childcare leave. LOL.

no miracles happened. yet. but there are some little things that i took note of. Fateha has not been crying in the presence of strangers. initially, the only people she was more comfy with were mummy, daddy and nanny. the rest were aliens to her. LOL. even her own grandparents. but last sunday, when i brought her to my grandma’s, Fateha was in her best mood and put her the best behaviour, that i have not seen in her, around strangers. phew! i was so glad and we kept on praising her for the bravery. 🙂

she’s still practising her sitting up. no no. not sit ups! LOL. even i can’t do that anymore. at times when i put her down on her butt, i could see that she tried to balance her trunk steadily into sitting cross-legged. she’s still wobbling, though. that i couldn’t deny. the physiotherapist has taught me to hold her thighs down and other exercises that could enhance her sitting. i just hope that soon i do not need to support her.

p1280031 p1280032

when i was still a student-teacher, my lecturer showed a research about bad things that happened to babies who were left in the baby-walker for a period of time. and ever since that, i swore to myself that i would never allow my baby to use a walker.  and i even told that to my then-boyfriend-now-husband. he agreed to what i said.

and this year, Fateha received a walker-cum-rocker for her 1st birthday present from her Aunt Jannah. what can i say huh? i couldn’t refuse the present and bore her with the research that i learnt during my study, could i? i have spoken to Fateha’s physiotherapist and he agreed too. i should just accept the walker. but i shouldn’t let Fateha sit in her walker for more than 10 minutes. it would not do any good for her legs.

i’m a little torn ‘cos everyone’s asking how is Fateha doing in her walker.


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7 thoughts on “Good…Or Not?

  1. Salam Sis,

    I think Fateha should be OK in her walker as long as it’s not long term. Just like a kiddie bicycle with 2 support wheels, it’s a starting point + you can still do your chores while she ‘follows’ you around.

    Since she’s more receptive to strangers, I’d love to hold her LOL!

    Sis Lailah

  2. yup2…i was thinking the same too..well, only recently hehe. used to be totally against the walker.

    oh sure Laila, if we ever meet up, you’ll get to feel how it’s like holding her. nampak jer kecik, tapi…hmmm lenguh tangan kita nanti.

  3. Our therapist told us the same thing about walkers and bouncies, that they hinder development if used in excess. We used one for a while but didn’t let her spend a lot of time in it. The key is moderation! Fateha’s getting so big and beautiful, she looks great, a credit to her mom and dad. ;O)

  4. Laila – ohhh congrats to your sis. she’ll have my doa 🙂

    Kirst – yea, i think the professionals/experts know better. i’m using it only when i need to go to the kitchen LOL or to feed her. then, she’s out of it 🙂

  5. Oh I never knew that the walker could hinder the child’s development. It kinda makes sense now, but I think if I hadn’t read this, I would probably be guilty of giving a walker as a gift! 😛

  6. yup sis, it’s not that good but wouldn’t do much harm if the baby is left in the walker for a short while i.e. 5-10 mins. well, that’s according to my girl’s therapist.

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