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Outing With Grams

grandma wanted us to follow grandpa and her to Downtown East. she got lots of coupons you know. so that morning, before heading to grandma’s abode, we went to ICA building to collect my travelling passport! yay!!! now i will never be left behind if mom and dad decide to travel.

we stopped by grandma’s, waiting for them to get ready before we made a move. mom brought me outside to grandpa’s mini garden. woooaaahhhh he sure had a lot of trees growing. mom showed me around and taught me the names of some plants. long beans, parsley, money plant…and there’s one plant that mom said could actually eat insects. and i thought only animals eat plants. woooooooaaaahhhhh…

p3140307 p3140309

when we finally reached Downtown East, grandma said she was famished. we scurried our way to Fig and Olive, a Mediterranian restaurant. one funny thing was, when we asked for the menu, the waiter told us that there was a mad rush during lunch time so they ran out of rice and pasta. we would need to wait for at least 1 hour if we wanted rice/pasta.  grandpa said no such thing as waiting that long so we ordered steaks instead. mom, dad and grandma ate fish & chips, fish melted cheese and mushroom sauce dori. grandpa ate beef in a skewer, which he said tasted like rubber. LOL. as for me, i ate nothing. i wasn’t given any chance to place an order.

grandpa & grandma busy choosing their food

 there was nothing much for a little preemie toddler to do at Downtown East. i wanted to go into the kids explorer thing but mom said i was too young for that. i heard she said once i master my walking and balancing skills then i’d be allowed to go in. 😦 i wish i could jump into that huge net full of plastic balls. it looked fun 😦 grandma wanted to look for a gift for Aunty Sabrina’s 11th birthday. there were so many shops but we couldn’t find anything suitable for an 11 year old. grandma said it was easier to buy me a present. yea!

but the weather wasn’t kind. it was so dark that if it rained, it could flood the whole of Singapore. i thought we could spend a longer time there but the adults decided to call it a day. and i went home feeling a little down and feverish.

grandpa carried me to the parking lot.


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