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Reading Toddler Style

the babysitter had an appointment to attend in the morning and she could only fetch her in the afternoon. that meant i had to bring Fateha to work. i’d be more than glad to do that cos my colleagues would be super elated to have Fateha around. and it also meant i didn’t have to bore myself with the workload i had been given.

anyway, Fateha was a very good little girl and allowed me to work peacefully. but of course, from time to time, i’d turned and played with her so she didn’t get bored. the other teachers came by and played with her too. one language teacher even brought her up and down the school. good, less work for me. LOL.

while i was busy planning for Term 2 learning centres activity, Fateha came back into my classroom. not on her own of course. with the language teacher. she told me she didn’t know carrying Fateha could be tiring, considering her small size. my eyes widened upon hearing her comments. tsk tsk tsk. i placed my little pixie into her stroller and fixed it to a semi-reclining position.

i handed Fateha a book of nursery rhymes. she was so happy, smiling and giggling! i didn’t know a book could make her feel like that LOL. and then, the cutest thing happened. she started reading. toddler style!


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