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The Roadtrip

we had our first family roadtrip to Desaru and Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. it was a one day trip by car with Fairozi’s family. i thought we had a blast. told Hubby that we should have this again. a one-day getaway is better than nothing, i guess. to h/e/l/l/ forget recession. LOL.

p32100052 p3210006 p3210011 p3210038 p3210045 p32100431 

i did not expect Fateha to like the waters at all but she surprised me yet again. she simply adored playing in the water. it was quite fun to see her splashed her dominant hand in the water. and guess what? she didn’t want to get out! LOL… i thought she wouldn’t realise when we carried her back to our picnic mat.

p3210057 p3210072 p3210073 p3210077

after visiting Kota Tinggi waterfalls, we headed to JusCo shopping complex for…shopping of course. i got the little pixie a pair of dresses and a belated birthday present for my cousin, Sabrina. and for the Husband, he searched for nothing else except Dunkin’ Donuts. oh boy, he simply loved those donuts. he could go nuts with no donuts! LOL. all because there’s no Dunkin’ Donuts in Singapore. “but dear Husband, there are other donuts store available in our tiny little island.” don’t fret 🙂

we visited Fairozi’s friend’s home in Johor Bahru. by then it was already 9pm. i thought it was best to leave for Singapore because the heavy traffic jam at the checkpoint was unpredictable. but the hosts wanted to bring us to Snibung for a seafood dinner. the place was nice, it’s a restaurant above water. how nice! but when the bill was paid for, the time was already 11pm. Fateha was already sleeping. poor girl.

p3210086 hubby needed a stopover at the gas station to get the car filled. time checked: 11:40pm. we reached the causeway checkpoint: 12pm. as i had already guessed, there was a long queue of cars going back to Singapore. i didn’t bother waiting and looking at how slow the traffic moved, i joined Fateha in her slumber. i woke up to find myself in the vicinity of our home at 1am.

it was really tiring. but what the heck, i thought it was fun. let’s do this again!


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6 thoughts on “The Roadtrip

  1. uh huh, she enjoyed the water. too bad i didn’t get to splash around LOL. yup, desaru’s a nice place to go.

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