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Annual Party at Bottle Tree Park

p3290102 yet another yearly event by Club Rainbow (Singapore) – “Club Rainbow Annual Party 2009”, which was held at Bottle Tree Park (BTP) in Yishun. Fateha, being one of the youngest CRS child, was invited. yay!!

since it was nearby our estate, we thought of getting there by 9am. but we were so anxious and excited that we got there at 8:30am. that’s half an hour earlier than our initial time planned. LOL! since BTP had the old school “kampung” scenery and aura, CRS planned in such a way that all invitees were encouraged to dress up in their “kampung” attire. now we knew that these attires were quite rare nowadays, we tried our best by putting on our “baju kurung”. at least, the Malay villagers in those rural days, wore baju kurung.

p3290100 p3290101

we were one of two families who dressed up according to theme!!! quite embarrasing initially cause it made me feel out of place. we were quite bored at first, well…served us right for being the first family to reach there (LOL!). and we were shoo-ed out of the event’s tentage by CRS volunteers, to occupy ourselves with a little tour around BTP. and so we did!

p3290106 p3290109

p3290104 p32901052

the weather was terribly hot! i regretted not carrying the brolly out. but BTP was just so beautiful to not touring every nook and cranny.

p32901121 p3290111


we had to seek refuge under the tentage again. my head was starting to throb like mad 😦 just look at the cloudless sky, i was dumbfounded. in the end we chose to leave after lunch, which was provided of course. not much to my liking but the food was better than nothing.

i’ve always enjoyed the events and activities organized by CRS. but there were some that were unappropriate for Fateha’s age group, such as painting, sculpting blah blah blah…those were meant for the older kids so we had to pass. hopefully she’ll get invited again once she gets older.


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