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Serving 3 Weeks of Holiday

yea you read it right. i’m currently on a holiday. the second term of school is over and now i’m lazing at home doing nothing looking after the newly-activated little pixie. she is sooooo active, my goodness! no no no she’s not walking but she’s rolling and trying hard to crawl. and she “talks” non-stop.



anyway, i had another scare of uterine prolapse. eww! i was sent for a Motor Skills Development (MSD) Workshop by the school yesterday. teachers were required to come up with procedures of certain games. i was hoping the trainer would give my group a game which required a ball. but no, he HAD to give us “rope games”. so we had to use the skipping rope and what did we have to do with that? jump.

i refused to be the one to jump and opted to swing the rope instead. but there was this very very stuck up lady who also refused to let go of her super uber easy task and let someone else (me) take her place to swing the rope. how cruel was that! while we were still practicing, i stood at one corner watching them jumping up and down. i was also hoping that the trainer would not come to see us. but he did. so i HAD to jump.

i didn’t feel anything painful down there so i thought it was ok. until we did a second game. i was walking back to my seat, after the run, when i felt a soft but sharp pain. at that point i knew it slipped again. i told one of my colleague and she asked me to rest. and rest i did but my mouth didn’t stop nagging “i don’t know how many times i had to say i can’t jump” and held on tight to my pelvis. so that cruel lady just pretended to be deaf. haha, how kind!

so i called my aunt-in-law for a massage and she came in today. i felt much better and she adviced me to see a gynae about my situation. the problem is, i’m too chickened!


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