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Holidaying and Henna Slinging

i’ll be leaving for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow at the earliest morning. only me and Hubby on this trip. sort of a honeymoon. so that means my little pixie is not tagging along. again! haha. she’ll be bunking over at my mom’s house. my in laws are also going for a holiday in Kuching, Sarawak.

am a bit worried about this H1N1 flu that’s going on but so far, Malaysia is not so badly affected. anyway, i’ll quarantine myself once we’re back from KL. just for a precaution and Fateha’s sake. i wouldn’t want her to catch any flu or virus. her bronchilitis incident last year was enough and we’re sort of learnt our lesson.

i have also been slinging henna onto my own hand. just to get the skill kick back in because next week i’ll have an engagement henna to do. so i prepared a batch of henna paste using a Rajasthani powder, terped it and let it sit for 24 hours.

P6110001 P6120004

the first was with the paste on of course. and i tell you, lots of sugar really make the paste more sticky and won’t crack. once the paste dried, i did a lot of housework without worrying them cracking out. yippeee!!! now i can’t seem to stop slinging henna. i have them on my palm, fingers and foot LOL.

think i must have caught some henna virus!


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