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Yet Another Check up

Fateha had 3 appointments yesterday: orthopaedic check up, physiotherapy and developmental check up. of all 3, i hated the first one. why? Fateha was under the Hand Doctors Team 1 and there’s this professor whom we were not happy with. although Fateha’s under his care but he seldom see her. he would change every appointment made and when it was time to see him, he wouldn’t be there. but he was around yesterday and he was not happy. he demanded me (how dare!) to send Fateha to early intervention programme to improve her Erb’s hand. he also ordered me to get an X-Ray of her hand. we did that but we had to rush because we were late for the therapy!

so during the physiotherapy, i nagged and nagged about the prof to the therapist. he said it did not come as a surprise. he got that a lot from other parents. sheesh! anyway, Mr Fauzan said good things about Fateha. she has every skill in her but she’s not using it. so we HAVE to push her around. will do just that!

even her paediatrician was happy to see her. he noticed that she’s different now than 3 months ago, she even responded to him when he asked her stuffs. LOL. like she understood! he did a lot of things to her and she seemed to be taking them well. she even did a supported stand against a chair without me trying to hold her, for like 10 seconds. i think she’s showing off but that’s good!!! she had her last 6 in 1 vaccine too and she didn’t cry. what a big girl!!!

anyway, i’ve uploaded a video of her practicing her sitting. enjoy!

  1. thinker
    June 18, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    pandai Ate.. Insyallah with ur mummy pushing u to do ur limits u’ll be able to sit n stand soon!

  2. June 18, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    insya allah..amin!!! irfan mcm mana?

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