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Sprains and Bad Thing To Say to an Injured Person


i have been getting pretty bad sprains and yes, that’s my sprained wrist. it happened last saturday, when we got home quite late at night and the little girl was crying like mad. asking for her overdue dose of milk. so once we stepped into the house, i landed her on the mattress while i got changed and Hubby prepared her late late late dinner. the drama started when Hubby passed her milk bottle to me.

i scooped her up to place her on my lap…waaaaaayyyyyy too hard on my hand. i felt sharp pain on my right wrist and top of hand. i grit my teeth, almost screaming but i managed to control myself and fed the super hungry baby. i went to sleep without applying anything onto my hand because…(now this is humiliating) i thought i was a pain-proof idiot and would get all-okay the next morning. and really, i didn’t feel the pain when i woke up in the morning.

something put my pain-proof thinking to an end. Fateha woke up and i went into her room to carry her. the wrist sort of snapped again. OUCH!!!! i went outside and sheepishly got Hubby to massage my hand. it felt better for a while but each time i moved my hand too much i could feel the tinge of pain. *sigh* luckily i had my multi-purpose guard. i put it on every few hours.

and to make things worst, someone just had to scold me for spraining my blardy, own hand. no no, it’s not my husband. just someone i can’t even mention. she thought that i can’t even handle a year old toddler and by the time Fateha would turn 4 or 5, i’d be breaking all my bones. that’s just so horrible to say to me, an injured mother.

i didn’t care how elderly she was. i snapped back at her. accidents happen and if i can tell what sort of accidents i would get in the future, i’d be so sure that i get myself well prevented. she was SO irritating!!!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

6 thoughts on “Sprains and Bad Thing To Say to an Injured Person

  1. Oh dear, that’s terrible! I hope you’re feeling better now. Maybe you should visit the chiro, or get one of those makcik2 urut. And sheesh, I don’t understand how the person can even say/insinuate such a mean thing like that! Hang in there, dearie!

  2. my hand is getting better now. my hubby massaged it for me. his family members are all masseuse, so i don’t have to worry hehehe. aiyah, forget about that person lah. she’s always irritating. LOL!

  3. What a cruel thing to say! People like that have major insecurities and try to tear you down to make themselves feel better. Brush her off, ignore it and feel sorry for her husband. *grin* Hope your wrist feels better soon!

  4. kirst, i have been trying to ignore her but normally i see her once a week during a family gathering. and no sweet words would escape from her mouth. she’s quite foul.

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