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well, i know i have been very very lazy in updating. yes. i admit that. i’m plain lazy. LOL.

firstly, i’m a little tired. i’ve recovered from the sprain i had on my wrist but now i seemed to have other aches and pains. my students have started their dance practice for this year’s graduation concert. and stupid me, i chose quite a difficult dance…to start with. i have always been enticed by Javanese dance so i decided to choreograph “tarian kuda kepang” steps. boy, it has only been 2 practices and i’m dead tired.  a parent came up to me this morning and asked.

she: so who’s gonna teach them these Javanese dance? it’s very hard to do it, isn’t it? are you calling a professional?

me: *chuckles* well, if you think of me as a professional

she: what?? you’re teaching the dance steps? can you?

HEY!!! i’m part Javanese. somehow i have the soul to do this. i feel like it’s in my blood. how can she think  so lowly of me? *sigh* it’s kinda hard being a preschool teacher at times. there will be one or two i/d/i/o/t/s who think we come to school just to teach ABC, 123 and Do Re Mi.

being in this line for 9 years, i’m here to say it’s not easy. we’re the nannies, babysitter, educator, choreographer, phsyciatrist etc etc. we have to act like hundreds of characters, besides a teacher, in one go. it’s hard but we have to have patience. or else……..(you fill in the blanks, LOL)

anyway, i’ll try to snap some shots of my kids dancing in days to come. hope i won’t procrastinate 🙂

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