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Fateha and Her Unpopular Toys

we went to IKEA on saturday to get a house-warming gift for Hubby’s friend. i wanted to get a pushcart-cum-wagon that Fateha’s therapist recommended. he thought it might be useful for her to practice her walking. it was small little blue wooden (what other common material can we get from IKEA if not wood) wagon.


very cute, i thought. the handle was pretty small and Fateha should be able to have ample grab on it while she practices walking. but Hubby thought we should just get the Fischer Price walker, that has more toys. it’s more appealing with music and sounds.


so we didn’t get the wagon from IKEA. instead we bought her a little brown, rusty bunny. no, it’s not made of rusty metal LOL. it’s the color.


isn’t he the cutest??? Hubby didn’t like it and asked me to return it back to its shelf. i played deaf LOL and gave it to Fateha, who didn’t like it either. what’s with both father and daughter?? that must be another scheming plan they’re up to.

the thing that i’m still learning and trying to understand my little pixie is that she hates soft toys. now i thought girls would usually go melt (like i did when i saw the bunny) at the sight of a cute little soft toy or a baby doll. but not Fateha. oh no, she’ll make a pass if you hand her a doll. she simply HATES it. i think my sis-in-law would be very happy to know this because she has tonnes of dolls! haha.

DSC01707 DSC01716

we visited Hort Park, right after IKEA, where Fateha fell asleep upon reaching 🙂 i thought it could be a perfect moment to snuggle Rusty (the newly named IKEA bunny) right next to Fateha. she seemed to be perfectly alright, allowing the soft toy to cushion her little head (of course!). but once she woke up, her face  turned upside down. it was so obvious that she didn’t like what mommy had done!


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