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Happy National Day, Singapore!

helllllooooo!! i’ve not been blogging so much now that mom (…and dad) has taken a full control. anyway, i wanna wish all singaporeans (home or abroad) a happy 44th national day! the parade was awesome, wasn’t it? no i didn’t watch it ‘live’ but got a glimpse of the repeat telecast in the afternoon, just now 😦 mom and dad, however, got 2 tickets to watch it. which meant, i got dumped somewhere. bully!

P8090124 P8090130

P8090152 P8090155

P8090190 P8090197

P8090193 P8090196

was i jealous??? hell yeah! no, i wasn’t. dad promised me that next year, he will apply a ticket for me too. yaay!!


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