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I Ain’t Got A Title For This!

first and foremost. Fateha.


look at how she went! she was like a big girl, walking with a toy pram. i was so proud of her. oh yes, i almost forgot. she was doing this at her physiotherapy sessions last wednesday. nope, she still not walking independently but she has improved a whole lot, compared to previous sessions.

P9090196 P9090195

P9090199 P9090200

Hubby followed me that day because Fateha also had an appointment with her orthopaedic professor. as you may have read from my previous entries about her orthopaedic prof, he was quite a nuisance. each time we had appointment with him, he won’t be there. but this time, we were lucky he was around. and so was Hubby. it took him and his team too long to call us in. we came 30 minutes early as we had to get an XRAY for Fateha’s Erb’s hands, and the XRAY was super quick.

we went down to the clinic to wait to be called in. our appointment was at 9.25am but we were called at 10. ok, fine. we came into the consultation room to find an empty table, the doctor wasn’t there. so we waited. again! finally, someone stepped in, a medical officer, not the prof. he went through Fateha’s medical case and asked us (i was VERY tired and sick of this) what happened to her. after we told him, he realised that the medical case he was browsing through wasn’t Fateha’s. it belonged to some Chinese lady. WTH! we had to wait, yet again!

when an attendant told us to wait outside while they looked for the case, that was the last straw, Hubby yelled at her. *thumbs up* they deserved it. we stormed out of the clinic and proceeded to the Rehab Centre for physiotherapy, which was supposed to be at 10am.

ahh, let’s forget about that s/t/u/p/i/d incident.

last night, me and my buddies, Fab5, went out to Geylang Serai to have our break fast at Arnold’s Fried Chicken! it was so long ago that i ate there last. i think i was 13, then. LOL. so to make up the 15 years of my absence, the girls and i agreed to eat there although we had to wait 30 minutes before we could go in. the queue was damn long!


it was so fun breaking fast with them! we hadn’t done it for a year. of course, Ramadhan comes once a year 🙂 we walked through almost all the bazaars and my legs almost gave way. the girls just kept on going and going! i was lucky enough that they’re willing to share and took turns to carry my ‘load’ – Fateha. LOL. Marliana’s fiance was also kind to send all of us home.

gotta do it again, girls!


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