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Eidul Fitri 2009

i just love my heels. bought specially for this year’s Eid and i tell you, they kill. i ended the visits with excruciating pain on my feet. do i feel regretful? heck, no!

grey was the colour for our first day of Eid. i bought my scarf at a very last minute in JB. it looked very nice but the embellishments on the sides of the scarf were very prickly. they were very irritating that i had to take it off and ironed a totally different scarf, of the same colour as our baju kurung. i felt good about bringing an extra one.

see the differences? i changed my scarf and so did Fateha. the weather was a killer too, besides my heels. i could actually ignore the irritating prickling of the embellishments on my scarf and could wear it throughout the whole day. but i chose not too. and the i-can’t-stand-the-heat-mommy kinda look that Fateha was giving me, i knew i had to do something. and again, i felt good about bringing a more forgiving headband for her. it’s ok, darling. you still have a lot of time to practice wearing the scarf 🙂

second day of Eid, we had no colour codes 🙂 i wore a very old but-still-look-new baju kurung, which was handover to me by my aunt years ago. Hubby wore the one from our first Eid, as hubby and wife, baju kurung collection. and Fateha, she wore a blouse and jeans 😛

P9210270 P9210271
not much pictures were taken during the visits. my bad. but i can’t wait for the next round of visits, hopefully soon. i don’t want to wait for the weekends to gatecrash and enjoy the scrumptious food spread. and i promise this time around, i will snap and snap till the camera and battery go bonkers!

till then, i wanna wish all Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 🙂


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