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As Busy As A Busybody

yes. i’m getting crazy! there are plenty of things to do in such a little time. and in this festive season, there is no way that i can bring work home. i have brought home some of my work but then they were left untouched. and at this very moment, i can feel the nerves in my brain are throbbing. *groans*

1) Graduation Concert: sometimes i ask myself, why did i have to choose a tough dance item? javanese ‘kuda kepang’ dance IS tough! my partner is practically not helping enough although she claims she does. costumes are terribly hard to find and i HAVE to get mom to help me make them, which are still not complete. we’re left with 3 weeks and 31st Oct will be our full dress rehearsal!
8kk 2kk

2) (still!) Graduation Concert: i volunteered to be a part of the Teachers’ Item during the finale. to do what? to sing. why did i think that i can sing? and the song? MJ’s Heal The World. *shakes head* i just started practising. Hubby’s getting annoyed.

3) Children’s Portfolio: we’re already into the fourth week of Term 4 and about last week, i just handed in the portfolios for Term 3 to the principal. she’s understanding but i can’t carry on slacking like this! i’m not sure which area i should do for this term and when i should start!

4) Fateha’s Home Therapy: *covers face with a pillow* this i have to admit, i have been a REAL slacker. i’m trying to balance a lot of things on my skinny, bony hands. it seems like this home therapy is solely my responsibility! but hey, i did try my best whenever i was available. and i’m very very lucky that Fateha’s babysitter is helping us and her out. wednesday will be another physiotherapy session and paediatric appointment at the hospital. i hope they’ll see her improvements.

last Friday, i swallowed 2 painkillers twice. morning and afternoon. both were in between the classes’ programs. my migraine was just getting worse. yea, i’m under a lot of stress. hope i can cope well with them and end this year’s school term with ease 🙂


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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