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Our Short Short Getaway

we had another road trip yesterday with our friends. we wanted to set foot on another beach in Malaysia that we’ve not been to and hubby decided it to be Air Papan Beach in Mersing.


it’s much nicer and there were more food stalls than the one we went to in March. but anyways, beaches are always the best places to relax. we also dipped Fateha in the salty water. she cried at first but eventually decided that it was useless because we didn’t seem to care. LOL!

PA170468 PA170472

hubby had a very fun time too, swimming and dipping himself in the waters, without removing his contact lenses. he claimed that if he didn’t feel any pain in his eyes, it meant that the sea water was clean. this was also another reason why he wouldn’t swim in Singapore beaches.

“we’re VERY tired after the swim……zzzzzzz”

Hubby and friends before we’re heading back home.

Wives and Girlfriend

our Car mascots, Leo and Moo

goodbye Mersing, you sure do have a beautiful beach. we’ll be back, for sure. when we got the time, of course. Ta Ta!

the journey back to Johor Bahru(JB) was not good at all. i had a throbbing migraine and i was nauseous. Fairozi thought i was pregnant. hah hah. not at all. anyway, once we reached JB, we went to Pandan City to have our dinner. we had Naan with Keema which only cost us RM 3 a piece. how affordable! and Wan’s BBQ Stingray at only RM17. we couldn’t get this in Singapore. they were so affordable that we would want to come back to Pandan City!


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