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and they were so excited!

last week, on the eve of Diwali, the big boss bought many cones of henna. days before, i heard that she wanted the kids to have henna drawn on their hands. i thought that wouldn’t be a problem to me, since i LOVE henna and i do it all the time.

then, all teachers got 3 cones each. the cones were huge, i tell ya, but i didn’t manage to get a photo of them. i thought it would be good if i brought home one of the cones to test the henna paste. and guess what? i was lucky that i brought one home. after i snipped the tip, i found myself straining to get the paste out of the cone. not even a single dot out. and i checked, the cone was very very thick, that’s why. i rolled my own cones and transferred the henna paste.

and the next day, i drew the henna on the kids. even the boys wanted to have ’em. LOL.



but of course, they chose different designs. flowers would make them look sissy haha. i didn’t like the after effect of the henna paste. they dried out very quickly and they didn’t stick well on the skin. the kids kept running back to me for another fill up for the ‘dropped out’ henna. i got so freaking mad! i hated the henna.

then i thought it could be the air-conditioner, since our classrooms were fixed with those. yea, i was confident that the air-conditioner was the one behind all these drying ups. since there were plenty of henna left, i brought them home for my own usage LOL. hey, i got permission for that!

DSC01793 DSC01795
design was very much my own but the flower was inspired by Magical Mehendi

the paste didn’t turn out good on me either, considering that i have no air-conditioner at home and i thought the temperature would be warmer, good for the henna to release a darker dye. but no ho way! the same thing happened to the kids, happened to me too. the paste dried out ever too quickly and they didn’t really stick well. when i bent my hand, it would crack and drop off my skin.

anyway, i love the swirls that i made. hehe. i thought it looked nice. and now, let’s wait for the stain. i hope it won’t disappoint me 😛


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