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Let’s Get Enrolled!

Fateha had her therapies today. she was doing good but on the whole, still needs a lot of support to close the gaps of her delays. we saw Dr Tammi Quek, a doctor in Children Development Unit, who encouraged us to enrol Fateha into Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC).

as soon as we were told of the activities available in this programme, i thought i wanted to register her asap! but the waiting list was super duper long, so we might have to wait for at least 6 months to get in. it’s ok then, the social workers will be helping us in the application.

eipic04 eipic17
physiotherapy08 physiotherapy07

all these pictures are taken from Rainbow Centre, one of the schools that offers EIPIC. and it’s VERY near to our house! so i’ve asked Dr Tammi Quek to help me get Fateha in that school. hopefully we’ll get a place for her asap and start the programmes.

the thing is, i’m getting sick and tired of people keep telling me what to do. their intentions may be good but i don’t think they understand my feelings as a preemie mother. as soon as Fateha get into this, i’ll tell them she’s already in a school that offers ALL kinds of help and let’s leave it at that!



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4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Enrolled!

  1. Duit lagi,…
    Wonders whatz itz gonna cost us,…
    But since it’s for Fateha, we go for it…(“,)

    1. yes, hubby. i’m only thinking of the best that we can give to Fateha.
      i hope this will work out for us and she’ll get better šŸ™‚
      now…let’s rob!!!!

  2. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you…..anyhow yes, John wears AFO’s. He started wearing them right after he turned one. His ankles are weak and he stands on his toes. We’ve never had a problem with:)

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