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Just another lazy blogger

yea, i realised that i’m leaning towards that group of lazy bums.

i’ve been plagued with workloads, now that it’s the end of school year, busy packing, cleaning up, meeting the kids’ parents and returning their belongings. and the management will be sending us to seminars and workshops and whatnots. i got no holidays at all! (bluff)

anyway, just a quick update 🙂

got myself a new handphone!!! woohooooo. i have been so uber jealous of my hubby eversince he got himself a touch screen handphone. mine was quite old. but people said good things come to those who wait. and i was lucky that i waited for 22 months when i received a card saying that i can get a Samsung touch screen handphone at $0!!!

unbelievable. i called the company to get it delivered to me and they did it very fast. the following day, i received my newest ‘baby’! the smile on my face still visibly plastered all over. it was hubby’s turn to get jealous! *evil laugh*

and congrats to my cousin for getting a promotion, from a senior teacher to principal. kudos to you, babe! you deserve it 🙂 please don’t ever forget me, your ever loyal and faithful cousin.

a couple of wednesdays ago…i stepped my foot on the Singapore Flyer for the first time!!!! woooooooooo!!!!

the kids really enjoyed themselves, including me, and they thought they could go on a second round. poor kids, they were so happy to be in the flyer. one even asked if we’re going up, up, up to the sky because she wanted to touch the clouds. i wonder what was going through her mind.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Just another lazy blogger

  1. My computers been on the fritz lately, been sneaking over to my sisters house to post a blog from time to How’ve you been? Are you on Facebook? I am just look up Kirsten Krienes and there I’ll be! lol

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