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Hear Ye Hear Ye!

may Allah bless my little pixie!!!

we went to the hospital this morning for Fateha’s hearing test, for the second time. the first was done about 8 months ago and although the results were normal, the doctor there wasn’t too confident. she said preemie babies may have problems occur later. so we were reviewed today!

the ENT clinic looked cool with all the xmas decorations and murals on the walls. it so reminded me of my classroom. while we were there, a female staff was bending over, cutting and pasting and outlining the murals. i felt like going up to her to help haha.

waiting time was the crappiest. waiting for the doctor to prescribe the medication to sedate Fateha, that is. the nurses and other staff were ok, just the doctor. grr! i shall not nag elaborate on the tardiness of the doctor, attending to us for less than a minute after waiting for him almost an hour. WHY??

she didn’t take the sedation well. we struggled cos she wouldn’t cooperate while we fed her the bitterness. she tried to throw up on us and regurgitate the meds but of course she couldn’t get it done. HAHA. she got slightly groggy and we stocked her up with milk and off she went to the lala land πŸ™‚ that easy.

we went into the audiology procedure room and the doctor patted the bed that Fateha had to lie on. we were told to wait outside for about 1 hour while she ran the tests from Fateha’s brain stem. hubby and i took the golden opportunity to be together and had our brunch at the cafeteria.

we came back just in time for the doctor to call us in. Fateha was waking up and still looking drowsy. and for the results:


we didn’t have to come back for a review so there won’t be any third round of tests this time, unless we want to. which of course, we didn’t want HAHA. we’re crossing our fingers that her hearing will be normal for the rest of her life. looking at the hearing aid price list was like digging my own grave. never mind!

we felt very blessed for Fateha’s achievement. one problem down! πŸ™‚

but many more to go.


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2 thoughts on “Hear Ye Hear Ye!

  1. Didn’t realised that our little ones are supposed to be sedated during hearing test. Ethen is going for the first one 2 weeks later. Hope he will be cooperative as well. πŸ™‚

    1. it’s ok, ethan is still a little baby. he will swallow the meds like a good boy. my girl is already too smart for the meds hahaha…she knows everything we’re stuffing her with.

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