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Village Fun!

2 weeks ago, we went to Malaysia, purely for visiting my relatives. it has been so long since i last saw any of them. and the mosquitoes. YES!!! the mozzies were so brutal that…urgh, i don’t wish to say. but the trip was fun, of course. it was Fateha’s first overnight at village experience 🙂

not sure of what to do with this hairy fruit!

a very healthy size of pomegranate

the pictures say it all. bad bad mozzies! feasting on poor little city blood

granny brought her out to see the geese and goslings. Fateha didn’t wanna come back inside!

need me to update ya blog, mom??? it’s full of cobwebs and dust!

LOL! i love this picture because she was full of enthusiasm while watching her little uncle playing games. like she understood every single thing. i was also amazed at how she managed to sit on that stool, steadily, and balanced herself well. good job, darling!

Hubby said he’s planning for another village trip next year. probably around the same time – december. by then, i wish to see Fateha walking on her own and running amok,  chasing the chicks and ducklings with all her might!

you will, babe. you will (“,)


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