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My Cheekiness

she’ll turn 2 very very very soon. i’m anxious, excited, nervous and scared of what’s coming this new year for her. and us.

we have been wondering where she has learned all kinds of facial expression. she has plenty of those to play around with. and every time she does that, my heart just melt. like crazy. and so do all the people who get to see her ‘faces’. even when Hubby was mad at her. his lips will auto-smile when she gives him the Puss in Boots’ look. yes, she can do that. well, something like that.

she’s turning more and more beautiful each day. makes me so proud of her, that when people say she’s slow and not learning much, she proves that she knows something. have not taught her any English, yet, we speak mostly Malay to her (which she can understand better). we’re taking it slowly, following her own pace. once she’s ready, she will get it.

you’re gonna be alright, baby. you be good now, ok? mommy loves you. very very very much.



a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

One thought on “My Cheekiness

  1. 2 is such a fun age, Kellar at 3 totally cracks me up though. Don’t you worry about that precious baby girl, she WILL be fine and will do whatever she puts her mind to. Don’t let peoples comments about being “slow” get you down, my dad told me about Kellar that he is exactly where God intends for him to be and he didn’t bring them this far to let them down now! Look at how far she has come already, I know it’s so much easier said than done I can’t count the days I sat and cried bc I was so worried about Kellar but worrying didn’t change a thing it just made me feel insane haha..Relax and enjoy Fateha mom, she’s gonna be so much fun at 2….

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