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Long Overdue Entries

i won’t be whining. i’m sure people hate listening to whinings.

my younger brother got married last month, on his birthday. that’s very sweet πŸ™‚

they knew each other about two years ago. and they got hitched real fast. my brother didn’t want to waste any more time and opportunities, so he proposed to his sweetheart. now go make some babies!!!

and a week before they got married, it was Fateha’s 2nd birthday. as usual, we celebrated twice at two different places. as she shared the same birthdate as her paternal grandfather, we went to my in-law’s place to celebrate first. and the following day, was at MY paternal grandmother’s. no, none of the people in my family shared the birthdate with Fateha. we just wanted to. heheh.

the cake was done by a dear baker, Zhul from Ovenhaven. we had two cakes (for two places, remember?), one was made with Dora figure and the other had Boots. now i’m thinking of next year’s cake, i know i’m getting impatient hehe. anyway, for those who are wondering why was there an “Ate” on the cake instead of “Fateha”, it’s actually a nickname we gave her and it can be found in her full name πŸ™‚ Ate (Uh-tair) means Big Sister in Tagalog. no i don’t speak tagalog but i like the language and the way the Filipinos speak it.

loving the presents!!!

i absolutely LOVE this french outfit that my aunt bought for Fateha as a gift. and she insisted that we put it on for Fateha there and then. and boy, we glad we did cause she looked SOOOOOOOOOO astonishingly adorable πŸ™‚ and that shmuck look she gave us. classic and priceless!

happy birthday, Ate! be a good girl and listen to mommy and daddy, okay???



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