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a well spent long weekend

we made use of the chinese new year holiday by going to Malacca!!! it was a blessing that this year chinese new year fell on sunday and monday. and automatically, tuesday would be a public holiday too. yea, to replace sunday.

we were guided by my paternal uncle and aunt to the historical state of malacca, malaysia, by 2 cars. and some cousins tagged along too. it has been ages since we went for a holiday together. and with hubby and Fateha around, it was awesome.

we booked 3 chalets at Shah’s Beach Resort and it was my second time there. first time when i was still single and my parents brought me and my brothers there. we were running away from someone. that, i will not elaborate more. *zip* anyway, on the way to the resort we passed by the Portuguese Settlement. they were having a water festival! of course, being a festival of that sort, there ought be water around and wet everywhere.

they were having so much fun splashing and spraying water at everyone. even passing cars weren’t spared. and by that, i mean us.  yes, they threw water at our cars too. i thought it was good because finally, we could get the cars clean and dust/mud free.

but boy oh boy, Fateha didn’t take it too well. she got terrified of water being splashed at her window that she cried for a good ten minutes. i could see that hubby was fuming already but we were lucky that he could keep his cool 🙂 he detest and despise children crying.

in our chalets

we went to bandar hilir, where most of the history were born. my aunt forced us to visit a museum in the shape of a ship, which looked just like the ones in pirates of the caribbean.

although the scenery and places were very inviting and beautiful, the weather wasn’t. it was terribly hot and i was lucky my head wasn’t throbbing and no migraine attack. i guess i was just having so much fun LOL. we shopped at a mall for cheap and affordable goods. i found it hard to stop myself from grabbing the souvenirs and stuff from the stalls but i managed to control myself. phew!

that night, we were taken to a seafood restaurant located right on top of a river. YES! and from that river, they got most of the sea delicacies: crabs, prawns, squids, fish, shellfish and also…(guess what?) crocodiles. YIKES! no they didn’t serve croc dishes but that particular river had crocs swimming in it.

the super spicy black pepper crab!

the food there was, in a singaporean slang, POWER! which means delicious. we singaporeans love to use the term “power” to describe any food that is way beyond delicious! my aunt and uncle had been there many times and each time they were there, they would bring other relatives too. very nice and thoughtful of them.

it was already quite late at night, i think it was around 10pm. but still, my aunt and uncle had lots of energy to bring us to places. we went for a 45 minutes cruise along a river at bandar hilir. the scenery was very beautiful with bright lights which decorated the banks and the village houses nearby. but Fateha shocked us and many other passengers on board with her screams and cries during the whole boat ride. oh boy, she started again and this time it was due to the splashing sound of the water, hitting the sides of the boat!

and since that, she had shown her aquaphobia, fear of water. when i brought her to the pool right in front of our chalet, she clung onto me like crazy! and did the same too when i carried her while walking towards the beach. i hope it’s just a temporary thing because she loves to take shower.

before we headed back home to singapore, we visited a few more places, just to make our trip worthwhile.

a stop at a mosque (it was build above water) for our afternoon prayer and pictures.

at a mouseleum of a legendary malay warrior, Hang Jebat

at the old well of another legendary malay warrior, Hang Tuah

too bad we only spent 2 days 1 night in malacca. i wish we could stay longer because there were many more places to visit with too little time. but we had lotsa fun there, with my loved ones around.

till the next trip (i can smell something brewing in hubby’s mind).


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